Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Neil krug

Neil Krug is a photographer who creates hazy psychedelic sun-soaked images inspired by the covers of 70's pulp novels. This kind of aesthetic seems to be everywhere at the moment, with new technology seeking to emulate old photography technics such as instagram, and the new resurgence of lomography. Krug uses expired polaroid film to create the hazy bleached out effects in his pictures. Many of the shots look like they are movie stills, particularly those in his book Pulp, which predominantly feature his wife, the model Joni Harbeck. He also makes music videos and is working on a feature film. While the oversexed, throwback nostalgia is a little too idealistic and uncritical for my taste, they are just so breathtakingly beautiful that I find myself wishing I could tease out such psychedelic colours from my own polaroid camera, and envying his ability to make vintage photographs that are still modern enough not to become kitsch.


Krug's video for Ladytron:

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